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on the wide open shore・゚・。
oh I must confess, I was drawn, I was drawn to the ocean
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21st-Jan-2018 04:27 pm - OOC: how's my rping?/contact!
smile; wishing for your happiness
h'okay. so. here's the critpost.

anyway, how am i doing? good? bad? could be better, could be worse? i'd be happy to hear ANYTHING you have to say about what i should work on or improve upon (or stop altogether)! please try to keep it constructive; flames will not be tolerated, but constructive comments would be absolutely amazing. comments are screened, anon is on, IP logging should be off. thanks in advance! ♥

[contact info!]
name: naru
email: hippiemusic AT gmail.com
aim: virtualresonance
journal: patchouli
other characters: edward elric, holden (scientist)

drop me a line here if you can't get in touch with me, if you need/want me for plotting, questions or anything.
18th-Jun-2010 11:57 pm - [120] [voice]
determined; our hearts are the same
[It's been a few months since she got a proper zapping, and electrocuting the watergirl is fun anyway, so here we go:



[There's a sharp inhale because, well, OUCH. And then an aggravated sigh.]

Ooh. Why you stupid--! It's like you're just out to BOTHER me. I've got nothing to say to you, got it?!

Private//hackableCollapse )

Locked to the ScientistsCollapse )


So there's a festival tomorrow...it's been a while since we did something fun like that, hasn't it? I have to admit it -- I'm a little excited.

((ooc: let's pretend i didn't get called into work early and that this got posted on time this afternoon aaah ;;))
3rd-Jun-2010 04:01 pm - [119] [video/voice]
thoughtful; the edge of the ocean
[The post clicks on, unceremoniously, when Umi sets it down (along with a few other things, judging from the rustling sound of a bag being dropped down) and accidentally hits a button. The video begins recording, but all you get to see is her back and the shipyard as she walks away from the camera, across the dock, seemingly unaware that it's on at all.

She stops walking when she gets to the Weather Hardy --not that there's anything else of note at the dock anyway-- and looks up at it, leaning back against one of the half-rotted wooden railing pieces.

There's hardly any movement or sound for a long while -- just the wind. Then, as abruptly as it began, the moment ends; she pushes away from the railing and returns to take her things, reaching for the communicator. The video goes dark with a 'click.'


[a pause, and a short sigh] ...So. It looks like there are plenty of new people here lately, huh? Boy...it's been a while since the last time I did this.

All right, listen up! If anyone's interested in learning how to defend themselves, or practicing with someone besides creepy weirdo-city monsters, this is for you! My name is Umi, and I'm one of the people in charge of self-defense lessons at the high school gym. We meet every morning between sunrise and early afternoon, so come by whenever you want!

[...] Hey...Hikaru? Let's do something today, just you and me.

((ooc: there is an OOC SIGN-UP POST (linked right there \o\) for anyone who wants to sign up, whether you talk to umi or not! annnd commentlogs are open here too if anyone wants xDb))
16th-May-2010 02:55 pm - [118] [voice/action/4TH WALL BUSTIN']
surprise; jinkies!
[Umi's leaving the high school gym from morning training. She'll just be walking right into the middle of a random crowd now!]

Okay, what in the world is-- ...no. Wait. I remember this--! ...How the heck does this freaky stuff keep happening?!

[...Gah wtf there's SO MANY PEOPLE. AGAIN. But she really does remember this, so she's looking at people as she passes...maybe she'll see someone she knows.]

[...] Jeez...like it isn't bad enough to end up here on a normal day. Those guys...!! All right! If you need some help, let me know. But you weirdos better not lay a hand on my friend, got it? Hikaru! If they start bothering you, let me know!

((ooc: doubles, triples, random trolls, commentlogs/actionposts, anything and everything is a go! bother the hell out of her! :D))
6th-May-2010 08:43 pm - [117] [accidental audio]
spaz; magic! uhh goooo!
[All quiet on the Disco front for a minute, but when it comes to Various Magical Girls Who Will Not Be Named, that's not bound to last for long. So here, have some accidental audio!] --a-da! I told you I'd try somethi-- ...huh? But this isn't--

[...] What in the world?! Hikaru? Fuu?? Anyone!

[...and realization dawns, although she doesn't exactly seem happy about it.]

...ARRGH! You weirdos can't even ASK before you do stuff like this, can you?! Can't I even have a few peaceful weeks before you--

[...And that sound? That might be the sound of a wolf growling...and then another. And then, possibly, one other coming to join the group.]

...You're KIDDING ME. Right?! You freaks--! This is the worst welcoming party I've ever seen, you hear me?!

[A frustrated sound can be heard, and the recording clicks off there.]
15th-Apr-2010 02:12 pm - [116] [video/action]
spaz; okay ewwwwww!
[The video is staticy and blurry, but it's clearly a video being recorded. It's large, round, and any other details are too fuzzy to make out. Umi's voice can be heard, but not well.]

--ust maki▓▓▓ ░░▒▒░this gets ▒▒ ▒▒░▓. You ne░░░know what...

[She trails off and lowers the communicator, because what's in front of her (and can be seen by the video post)...is a very, very, very large rat.]

R-- it's a-- ...You░░▒▒░ ░░░e kidding me, giant rats?! That's th▒░░


[Error: No signal]

...Connection failed.]

[ooc: commentlog option for anyone in spero going to the observatory! oh yeah, and THREADJACK AT WILL, COMMENTLOGGERS. :3 ICly delayed replies for everyone else because LMAO R.O.U.S.]
3rd-Apr-2010 08:17 pm - [115] [accidental video/action]
fighting; my will and the waves

Looks like the owner of the device isn't getting shocked this time, though. The video records nonetheless: it takes in a shot of the lake and the shipyard. You can see Umi at full figure, sword in hand, a short distance away -- looks like someone's playing hooky from work today. (Sorry, Lights workers ;;)

A fencing foil is much different from a real sword -- the size, the shape, even the weight of it are different. One is designed for competitions, the other... But she stands at the ready anyway, taking an offensive stance. It's been a while --there aren't exactly fencing tournaments in Discedo, at least-- but her form is right to the letter. Muscles tight, tensed, ready--

Within a moment she strikes out. Step, half step, lunge, beat; retreat, step, lunge again...

The movements look right, but she stops mid-step, lowering her sword. Frowns a little, thoughtfully, to herself. She bends her knees again, takes the same stance, moves forward again...this time she stops even sooner, as she's about to step into a lunge. An almost discouraged look crosses her face.

She pauses there for a moment, looking out at the lake...then sighs, a huffy sound to it, and raises her sword again--

The feed cuts out there.

[[ooc: open commentlog option for anyone who wants to come visit! normal replies (albeit a few minutes delated ICly) for everyone else :3]]
28th-Feb-2010 05:20 pm - [114] [voice]
deadpan; ...ssssssstare
[The communicator clicks on...and because it's been a while since this happened to her, you get to hear a ZZZZT! accompanied by a nice surprised shout.]

ACK! Why you--! ...Boy. You'd think after this long, I'd be able to keep better track of the stupid thing... Okay, okay, I'm posting. Happy now?

[A pause; when she speaks again, she sounds like she's just remembered something unpleasant. Which, well, she has.]

...That's right. As much as I'd like to forget-- Two years. Two whole years...and I'm even a week late saying so! You scientists-- how much longer are you planning to keep me in this place anyway?! And it's almost March already... You know, if I had a list of places where I didn't wanna spend another birthday, this freaky city would definitely be on it.


Anyway. It looks like I've got a lot of people to say thank-you for...for offering to help out at the house. And if the weather keeps clearing up, we'll be able to start training lessons again! Shinjiro, when do you think the Lights will be open again?

...Back to normal again, huh. Although it looks like even Balthier's been sent home, now.

[[ooc: i'll be posting an open log tomorrow (monday) for anyone interested in logging some cr at the gohl house! ♥ ...OH YEAH! i'll also have a sign-up for the martial arts stuff tomorrow! i didn't forget, i promise!]]
17th-Feb-2010 03:50 pm - [113] [voice]
thoughtful; the longest night
[The recording begins, and some clumsy fumbling can be heard. Not exactly graceful in this weather, are we?]

Things are still...pretty bad, huh. How's everyone holding up?


I know it's not a great time, and there's a ton of damage all over, but-- ...If anyone has the time and energy to spare, we could definitely use it. For the Gohl house roof...I mean.

We definitely wouldn't turn down building supplies or anything like that, either. [a small sigh] ...Jeez. It's still a colossal mess up here. Needless to say, fencing lessons are off until we get things fixed up.

Hikaru...feeling any better? Let me know if you need anything, okay?

[a pause; she almost turns the transmission off there, but...second thoughts]

Locked to SanjiCollapse )

((ooc: if anyone does want to help out, we can do some commentlogging or just assume. commentlogs/action are totally awesome (as is threadjacking!), other replies will be getting tagged too of course! :3))
9th-Feb-2010 01:01 pm - [112] [voice]
shocked; distress
It's g...getting pretty cold, h-huh. How's-s-- ...is everyone okay? I don't-- [a pause; she takes a deep breath. it sounds shaky, probably from the cold] Even...b-blankets over the windows...maybe if I put an...nnother one up.


K...kinda...makes me miss Iroh. It's-s been a while... Or h...home. That too.

[There's a long pause; the same shaky breathing can be heard, mixed with a couple small sniffles and a strange creaking noise. It's quiet at first, and then it gets louder]

C-creepy. It's been d-doing that all morning. I wonder if...


I d-don't...don't... J-jeez. I'm not m-making any sense, am I? J-just--

[But she doesn't get a chance to finish; there's a sudden noise, crashing and splintering and general LOUD LOUD LOUD. There's a sharp gasp and the communicator clatters to the ground.]

What was-- is everyone-- H-Hika-- HIKARU?! WHERE ARE YOU? Tell me you're okay...!!

[the transmission ends there]

[[ooc: urk, in regard to the gohl roof collapse of course! ♥ also, the s-stuttering is basically because of cold shivery-ness xD;;]]
27th-Jan-2010 08:48 pm - [111] [video]
prepared; for the battle
[The post flickers on, but Umi is nowhere in view. What the camera does record is blurry and a little shaky, but clearly there's an attacker -- small, blond, but otherwise the post is a little hectic and chaotic; it's hard to tell what's going on. In fact, it's hard to think that the video is intentional at all.

It's blurry, but it looks like someone has definitely thrown something at the smaller blond. It sounds like it makes contact, and a scream can be heard. It sounds almost like it could be human (in fact, it sounds like it could possibly have belonged to Edward Elric), if it was less vicious and desperate. The smaller figure flees but the one following is, again, not Umi: it looks, in fact, like a taller blond man. For a moment the entire post seems unintentional, really, but then Umi speaks. Her voice is shaky and a little strained, but she's definitely speaking into the communicator.

What a time to get separated-- ...This is insane...! What the heck is going on around here?! People going crazy, attacking-- [A pause] ...So that's it. The shapeshifting monster...right. The thing people were talking about, what happened to--


Gotta get out of here. If those creeps come back... Prydain, guys-- Hikaru... That weirdo monster might be heading your way next!

[There's some shuffling as Umi drops the communicator. Her hand comes into view, pressing into the dirt; she pushes herself to stand up, a little wobbly. And that's where the post cuts off.]

ooc!Collapse )
12th-Jan-2010 08:13 pm - [110] [voice]
smile; put a little love in your heart
[The feed clicks on just in time to catch Umi watering her plant from Christmas with her magic. It's still pretty big, with bright blue-green leaves; it's also dotted with large, egg-shaped fruits. She stops for a second, looking at it fondly.]

It's really been a while, huh. Boy. Looks like I've got something to thank the Scientists for after all.

[And not just that! Aside from a small bundle of blue cloth nearby (which is really this outfit in disguise, oho), she can also be seen wearing her Magic Knight's armor; additionally, her sword and its makeshift sheath seem to both be completely gone with no explanation. She pauses for a second, glancing at her communicator, and then notices it's recording.]

What-- ...YOU--! [a sigh] Jeez. This stupid thing...

Hey, Scientists. You wouldn't believe how happy I am to see this, but don't think for a second it makes up for the way you treat people around here!

[...] Still...thanks.

Hey, now that I'm thinking about it-- Listen up, guys! If anyone still has fruit from those weirdo plants that they're not gonna eat, I could take a few off your hands. They're good for making jams and fillings, and I've been aching to try making some filled cakes. Let me know! Naturally you'd be entitled to have some too if you want.

[a pause]

January already...

[the post ends there]
13th-Dec-2009 03:10 pm - [109] [voice/text/sparkles?!]
chibi; get motivated! get motivated!
[The feed clicks on, and two voices can be heard.] All right! I think we've definitely waited long enough, huh? We'd better go ahead and start this!

Mm~ That'd be a good idea, or we're going to run of out time, Umi-san!

Yeah, I guess it'd take time to come up with presents, especially in a place like this. Anyway, I think I'd better screen the comments -- how the heck do you do that on these things, anyway?

Ah... I've never really tried that. Let's see...! Perhaps if you do this... I wonder if that'll work.

There! Hey, it worked! ...Wait a sec. Sparkles?!

[Laughs.] They're festive!

'Festive,' huh... [fff okay can't help but sound amused] Well, anyway-- I guess we'd be better off switching to text for this one. [Click click click]


Okay, guys! Just because it's been too quiet in this weirdo city doesn't mean we can't have a little holiday spirit, right? We're doing a Secret Santa gift exchange this year! Wait-- jeez, it's still sparkling?! [...] Anyway, what happens is: everyone signs up and we pick names at random. Whatever name gets picked, you get them a little gift. Might be kinda tough in a place like Discedo, but we'll figure something out, right?

Just don't tell anyone whose name you get! You can sign up here.

Make sure your responses are screened or locked!

((ooc: blue font is umi, and purple font is fay! comments are not ACTUALLY screened for this one, so if you're signing up, please leave a note saying it's screened or locked or something like that xDb))
6th-Dec-2009 09:15 pm - [108] [voice]
[About that time again? oh yes. very. ZZZZZZZT! However, the attempted victim of the zapping doesn't seem to be near the communicator; she's a few paces away, on the roof of the Gohl house. Looks like someone got saddled with a late watch shift! For a while there's only silence, and when she speaks, it's a little distant]

Seifer too, huh?... Jeez. The house's gotten too quiet lately.

[There's a lull, and then...

Squeak! Squeak! Squeaksqueaksqueak! Squeeeeeaksqueak! Flapflapsqueak squeak squeaksqueak! What could that be? If you guessed, a flock of keese, you'd most definitely be right.

What the-- ACK! Why you--! ...Hey! Let go of my hair-- ARRRGH!

[A scuffle can be heard for a little while: sword slashing, bats squeaking, things thudding on the ground. After a while this calms down]

...Jeez. So much for an uneventful night.

[AND THEN the squeaking returns. This one seems to be one lone keese, however:]

Another one, huh-- ...IT'S ON FIRE?! Water dragon-- water dragon! Ack!

[SPLOOSH! A few water spells can be heard, followed by a little more squeaking; the post ends there]

((ooc: not lighting the building on fire, promise xDb action if anyone wants? she's just shooting a few spells from the roof of the house, fff

edit; AHH I'M NOT GETTING NOTIFS. fhkshk i'm sorry if tags are slow sob))
16th-Nov-2009 03:41 pm - [107] [FOURTH WALL SPAMPOST]
spaz; okay ewwwwww!
[sound of a door opening, and footsteps, and then-- STOP. WTF. SO MANY PEOPLE?!]

J-jeez...not this again--! What the heck?!

[...okay, no, how about we try a different approach here. Ahem.]

Well. With millions of new people, there's only one thing to do, right? Welcome to Discedo, guys. My name is Umi! This place is kinda disorienting, and dangerous to boot...so just ask if you need a hand, okay?

...Here's hoping I'm not gonna regret this.

((ooc: commentlogs/actionspam welcome and encouraged for anyone wandering the streets! anything goes, bother the hell out of her! ♥ also will be posting for ed tomorrow, since i'm still tagging everything like a madman too xD

edit: ...fhgjs oh my god, this is the most amazing post ever. EVER. OH MY hdfjghjkjs thank you so much guys this is absolutely incredible ♥))
15th-Nov-2009 01:52 am - [106] [text]
smile; don't know where or when
private//hackableCollapse )

November already...at this rate, it'll be Christmas before we know it. I wonder if those guys have anything planned...it can't be as humiliating as last year, right? There's no way.

Or maybe we can beat 'em to it and plan something ourselves.

Anyway, it looks like we're back in business with the training stuff at the High School. And it looks like this place is bringing in a lot of new people at once, so: hi everyone! We have morning training sessions every day at the High School. Swordfighting, martial arts, medidation... Sounds like we've even got someone teaching staff, too. They're really helpful, so stop by the High School if you're interested in checking it out. If you don't know how to get there, let me know! I'm pretty good at playing tour guide, too.

... Hey--

((ooc: yeah, we'll pretend this post isn't a million years late ;; strikes are deleted text))
5th-Nov-2009 04:04 pm - [105] [voice]
sad; something faced wordlessly
[the audio clicks on and at first it's kind of muffled; a few short knocks can be heard]

Hey, Ryou, I understand if you're sick or something, but if you're just slacking off--

[a door creaks open, and a very...very long silence follows]

They didn't-- ...they wouldn't--

[another short pause, and there's a click as Umi pushes the record button; the rest of the transmission is clear and not muffled]

Does anyone know-- [...sob] Has anyone seen Haseo? He's gotta be...


[Her voice shakes a bit, but she speaks almost urgently] ...I'm gonna go look for him.
31st-Oct-2009 01:02 pm - [104] [video]
smile; i'll be there
[The video feed begins; Umi's looking at the camera through a dark blue half mask. She smiles a little, and then pulls it away from her face.]

That time of year again, huh? Happy Halloween, everyone! The masks are a lot better than the costumes from last year. [...] Hey, I know we aren't gonna do anything special at the Lights tonight, but I made some treats in case anyone stops by. That makes it sound almost like trick-or-treating or something like that...

Anyway, I'm just gonna cross my fingers and hope that this is all the Scientists are gonna do for a holiday like this.

[a pause; she puts the mask back on]

...Oh, that's right. Hey, guys! Just because Zuko's in the hospital doesn't mean we're skipping out on training and sparring in the mornings, y'know. Prydain, Haseo and I are kinda filling in until he's better -- and anyone else that wants to help, too! Boy, we could really use it. So anyone that's interested in training a little with martial arts, self-defense, swordfighting, that kind of thing: we're in the High School gym every morning!

[...] It's kinda weird that they only celebrate Earth holidays around here, isn't it?
23rd-Oct-2009 05:03 pm - [103] [voice]
spaz; excessive force! excessive force!
[the post begins to the sound of rustling.] Ngh-- wha? ...Well, here's this thing, but where am I? [...] Wait-- the hospital? You've gotta be kidding me!

[she's quiet for a minute, and there's some more rustling as she sits up; then a few clicks can be heard as she skims posts on the network]

Boy, you people sure talk a lot for just a few hours-- ...Hold on a second-- what the heck? That date's not right, is it?! It's supposed to be Monday, there's no way--

[and NOW she remembers what happened] Four days...really. That...

... THAT JERK--! [And she jumps out of bed, all ready to give him a piece of her mind. Obviously this is a bad plan, because she groans and can be heard stumbling back. There's a pause, and then a small sigh]

Hey, so...I should probably say thanks to whoever brought me here. I might've been in big trouble otherwise. I haven't missed too much, have I? [...] This...stupid city. It just never ends...!
19th-Oct-2009 05:30 pm - [102] [accidental video]
default; these precious dreams of mine
[The video feed clicks on to the sound of silence. Umi can be seen, lying down, eyes closed...at first it just looks like she's sleeping -- she definitely doesn't seem to have any injuries, at least. But she's oddly calm and motionless, except for the occasional, subtle movement of breathing.

She's also not inside, at the Gohl house. In fact it looks like she's out in the street, on the ground, although it's hard to make out any defining details. Her sword is nearby.

This video transmits for another few minutes, and nothing changes: the silence and stillness remain, and she doesn't move at all, except to breathe. Even that is small motions. After a while, the video times out, and the transmission ends.

((ooc: it's all gilgamesh's fault. 8| she'll be unconscious until saturday-ish due to this life-draining stuff, so obviously no replies! but if anyone wants to take her to the hospital or to gohl house, i'd be eternally grateful! ♥))
17th-Oct-2009 06:04 pm - [101] [voice]
sad; sleepless nights
[The sound of footsteps; Umi's left the hospital. There's a small, hesitant noise every so often as she begins to speak, tries to find something...but can't. After a moment, the footsteps stop; she's back at the Gohl house. Another pause, brief, and then a very, very small laugh as she finally gets a look at what Usopp did.]

...It looks good, Usopp. Big improvement!

So-- [...God, anything she could say would just be fail right now, wouldn't it.] We're back. Guess I'm a little late saying it, huh...

[...] Is everyone all right? Was it really because of the chips? I can refill some of the water supplies now, and if there's anything else I can do... [A little sigh.] I've felt so useless this whole time--

Locked to Gohl houseCollapse )

Locked to SakonCollapse )

Locked to ZoroCollapse )
13th-Oct-2009 05:04 pm - [100] [voice/video]
confused; what the buh?
[A few footsteps can be heard, echoing a little]

A subway...again. At least we're not stuck down here this time, but still... [...] Wait a second, what's that light?

[some soft rustling can be heard]

This thing again, huh? You really do turn on at the weirdest times, y'know. ...Anyway, there's a subway out here! We're all fine so far, though. It's all fine. Just creepy. Really...really creepy. It reminds me of last year, kinda... Here-- hopefully this'll show up.

[There's a pause, and the feed switches to video: the picture is shaky as she holds the communicator, and the room is very, very dim, but looks like a small subway station terminal; after a minute of this it switches back to audio]

If it doesn't, Pence brought a camera!

[...] Hey, how's everyone back in the city?

((ooc: commentlog option for anyone else in the group! uh, i think they're in the subway by now at least? xD if not, this is future-dated!))
5th-Oct-2009 07:11 pm - [099] [voice]
thoughtful; looking up
It seems like they've been taking a lot of people back that've been here for a while, doesn't it?... Kinda makes you think, maybe there's some kind of...I don't know, time limit on how long they'll keep us here. Or something like that. I wonder--


Anyway. Come to think of it, Haseo, Prydain and I are all going, aren't we? ...Sorry, Iroh. At least morning training will be a little quieter for a week, huh? Anyway, we should be leaving soon! I think I have everything ready, but... I'll take another look.

Oh, right! If anyone needs water tanks filled one last time, let me know right now and I can do that, okay? I know it's kinda tough right now, since Demyx left, so I want to help.

A year and a half, and I can count the times I've been out of the city on one hand...I guess this place can make a person kinda lazy, despite everything.

[a short pause]

Locked to ZoroCollapse )

((ooc: backdated to BEFORE prydain's group leaves the city because apparently i'm a doof xD;))
26th-Sep-2009 02:16 pm - [098] [voice/text]
energetic; do it with my heart!
All right -- full recovery! Thanks to Chopper's genius doctoring, of course.

[she takes a deep breath, sounding a little sheepish]

Okay, I thought it was a cold...but apparently I messed up my shoulder. Talk about something I don't plan to do ever again. I'll be more careful from now on. Definitely. As much as I like sleep, I think if I never get stuck in bed for that long again, it'll be too soon.

[...] I've got a lot of energy to burn off, too...does anyone want to spar, maybe?

I'll be back at work and morning training starting tomorrow, by the way. Since some of us are leaving the city in a little over a week, I expect everyone to work hard! Better start getting supplies ready too, huh?

[EDIT; added later, text]

That's right! I heard that Demyx left. It's kinda weird...he was here even longer than I was. Anyway, I've been responsible for Gohl's water supply for a while, and if I can help with any of the other buildings, let me know! It's probably pretty tough for everyone right now, with a sudden change like that.

((ooc: strikes are deleted text))
21st-Sep-2009 12:13 pm - [097] [video]
confused; but...i has snacks ;o;
[The device clicks on to reveal a room in the Gohl rowhouse: curtains are still drawn over the windows, although it allows a little dim light into the room, enough to see a still figure in bed. Soft breathing can be heard but nothing else for a little while. Then, a muffled voice, slurred a bit by sleep:]

Lake monster sushi...Fuu, that sounds kinda creepy. I can't even make sushi, can you? [...] H-hey, there's a limit to 'traditional,' you kno-- ...huh? What's that light?

[Umi sits up and leans in close to the communicator -- her hair's disheveled and her cheeks are flushed]

Oh...this thing again. You never quit, do you? [...] Looks like I'm gonna miss training today. Work, too, I guess. Sorry, but I don't really-- ...Anyway, I'll be back at it tomorrow. Promise! So...

[a pause. she sighs, obviously fatigued, and clicks the video off]

((discedo being, well, discedo, umi's got an infection and fever from the wound she got fighting the redeads |D;))
16th-Sep-2009 08:48 pm - [096] [voice]
fighting; the strength of my heart
Zombies. For crying out loud...! This city just doesn't quit! Hey! Is everyone okay?! Gohl's holding up fine, I'm just keeping these weirdos away from the front of the house. They're getting almost too close for comfort.

[An earsplitting screech can be heard; the device clatters to the ground.] --noise is really-- nngh! ...Huh?! I can't move-- ...What IS this?!

[There's a long pause. A few deep, haunting groans can be heard from the ReDeads, as well as slow, heavy, steady footsteps. When Umi speaks again, her voice sounds quiet and strained, like she's struggling]

...So that's how it works with you slowpokes, huh? I get it...you freeze someone and then take your own time attacking.

You guys are the worst. I won't-- I can't--

[she takes a slow, deep breath, and her voice seems stronger]

...There's no way I'm gonna lose to you creeps!

Ice blades!!
13th-Sep-2009 06:57 pm - [095] [voice/text]
sad; something faced wordlessly
[The audio begins to the sound of a few buttons clicking. Umi's mostly thinking out loud, quietly; she doesn't seem to notice it's recording.] So that's how this frequency stuff works, right?...I think I got it.

[There's a pause; her voice sounds shaky when she speaks again]

--Both of them...?

[She's quiet for a moment, and the feed switches to text]

How could they
...That's not fair, Discedo


I wonder...how they decide who leaves the city.

I hate this place...!!

((ooc: strikes are deleted text, not visible))
10th-Sep-2009 09:28 pm - [094] [voice]
shocked; what's this?
[Footsteps can be heard, followed by: BZZZZZZZT, and a sharp cry.]

Ouch! ...Huh?! Wait a second, I KNOW it hasn't been that long-- [bzzt!] Hey! Cut that out!

Jeez...what's with this thing? St▒▒░▓▒▓░▒ting so weird...

[...] ▓░░ Anyway, I'm heading to th░▓▒▒░▒ to pick up a few things, so--▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒

[there's nothing but static for a few minutes; then the footsteps can be heard again, a little slower]

...Okay, I KNOW it doesn't take this long to get there. ...Don't tell me I'm lost. This is like some kinda bad joke! But-- [...] What the heck is ▓░▓▒▒▓n around-- [she stops abruptly, and is quiet for a minute] ...Hello? Is someone there? ...Hey! Show yourself!

[the feed dissolves into static again, and then times out]
7th-Sep-2009 03:41 pm - [093] [voice]
default; these precious dreams of mine
[well well, been a while hasn't it? BZZZZZZZZZZZZT!]

ACK--! Okay, what in the-- Oh, this stupid thing. That one HURT, you know!

[a little sigh]

It hasn't even been that long, has it?...fine, fine. [...] Well, it's stopped snowing, but it's still cold...and now it's September! Maybe we really ARE gonna miss out on summer, but hopefully the snow will start melting now, at least. We've got exploring to do, after all!


So...all this quiet's kinda creepy, isn't it?

[there's a pause, and then she clicks the transmission off]
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